Sunday, September 11, 2011

F*** the troops? Really?

As I'm sure we have all heard by now, Soulja Boy recently released a song containing the lyrics, "F--k the FBI/And f--k all the Army troops". What is this little punk thinking? Especially at a time like this! As a veteran of Iraq I am truly offended. The men and women in the military volunteered to make the ultimate sacrifice and because of this we don't have a draft. Almost makes me wish we did so his little butt would get drafted and he could learn what a Soldier really is and possibly how to spell. Deployed troops work around the clock and are deployed for over a year in most cases. Their wives have babies and they're not even able to go home, they have deaths in the family and cannot attend the funerals, their houses are being foreclosed on while they are overseas. I think I made 50,000 the year that I was deployed, that's nothing. He has probably already made 50,000 from the bad publicity coming from this song. I'll probably be giving this punk a tetanus shot after his cellie shanks his a** before too long.

Pink Flimingo's in the Trailer Park

There are two types of people who live in the trailer park...People who are proud and decorate their lawn with sofas and pink flamingos, and people who have to live there for various reasons. Personally, I kinda have to live in the trailer park for the moment, but I am trying my damnedest to get out of there and I mean fast! Lets backtrack a little. When I decided to move from Chicago to California I didn't think that having a Pit Bull would be that big of a deal. When I lived in Chicago, lots of people had Pit Bull's in apartments and I moved around several times and never really had too much of a problem with these breed restrictions that are so prevalent here in California. I looked everywhere and all I could find was an apartment complex and a trailer park that would accept Pit Bulls. I choose the trailer park cause I thought it would be nice to have a yard for a change...and it would be nice if certain occupants didn't get caught up in the stereotype of being trailer trash. Is it really necessary to have so many lawn ornaments? How do these people even cut the grass! And, pink flamingos are certainly off limits in any lawn especially a trailer park lawn. Hasn't anyone ever seen Toby Keith's, "Trailer Hood"? The other day I was walking the baby and dog, and there was a lady sun bathing on a mattress in her front yard. This is no joke. I have also seen TVs, couches, and street signs scattered across the lawns at the trailer park. You just don't see this kind of behavior anywhere else.